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About Fr. Jerome

A native of Washington, DC, Fr. Jerome is a 1995 graduate of the University of Virginia and holds four advanced degrees in theology, including a doctorate in moral theology from the Academia Alfonsiana of the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. He is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on a wide range of topics, ranging from sacred art and architecture to marriage and relationships to his academic specialization in Catholic Social Teaching with an emphasis on human rights and immigration.

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Couples are incredibly busy—so busy that there’s always a temptation to make spiritual growth an afterthought or a future project once the children have left or retirement sets in. And even for married persons who are open to spiritual growth, the tendency is to focus upon praying as individuals, not on praying as a couple. To remedythis gap, Honoring the Covenant contains meditations that are simple, direct, and practical. They are designed for couples who want to make time to pray together and are seeking brief and meaningful insights into the Gospel reading of the day vis à vis their married life.